"To Empower, To bond, and To Serve the Needy of Telugu Origin and others”.

Telugu Association Bangalore has two definite directions of its activities and services. Primarily it is a social commitment, a home away from home, a mouthpiece to the local administration and a solace to the people in distress. On the other hand essentially it is a platform to propagate our rich cultural heritage, an arena to pursue integration of cultural diversity of our Telugu Origin, an institution to cultivate cultural passion.

Activities of the Association is directed by its constitution of memorandum and bye-laws and governed by Managing Committee of TAB. The Managing Committee is the custodian of immovable properties and looks after the allocation of funds. The Executive Committee, responsible for all the activities and implementation of the Plans & Programmes. Both these bodies are elected in the Annual General body Meeting.

Considering the very large population of Telugu people in Bangalore, TAB would provide leagal help whenever there is a need / requirement, medical assistance when they are in un intended situation / Accidents etc.., employment assistance with the help of our TAB members, truthful / proper assistance in real estate matters, Travel and Education Assistance, Media related Assistance whenever there is a need for factual matters, To preserve, maintain, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of the people of Telugu origin, To assist educational, social, economic, and community affairs of the people of Telugu origin, To raise, solicit, and collect funds and donations, To foster friendship and understanding among Telugu people, and between people of Telugu origin and other people.

Any service will be rendered after approval by the Management Committee.

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